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Catalyzing change: The dynamic journey of Gabriela Brewer in healthcare, technology, and entrepreneurship

Gabriela Brewer, a dynamic professional serving as a Director across various companies, excels in her role as an accomplished SEO and Marketing Manager, orchestrating strategic initiatives that drive businesses to success.

C-B: Provide a description or define your business activity!

Gabriela Brewer: I am the Director of an SEO and Web Design agency with a primary focus on the medical sector, helping clinics increase their online presence. In addition, I operate various affiliate marketing websites within the same healthcare industry for IV Drips, blood testing, private scans, and medical concierge. Among my recent endeavors, I’ve launched Aesthetiverse.co.uk and Clinicnearme.co.uk, innovative platforms that serve as comprehensive directories for aesthetics and medical clinics, providing extensive support and resources for both businesses and clients.

C-B: What is the story of the evolution of your business?

Gabriela Brewer: Following the completion of my Master’s degree in Information Systems and Management Studies at Kingston University in London, my professional journey took shape as I dived into the IT sector, collaborating with a range of startups, primarily focusing on smartphone applications like Nightset.app, Meya App, and Beseated.io. The onset of the pandemic presented a pivotal moment in my career as I ventured into the healthcare industry by establishing a Covid testing clinic in London, called London Covid Testing. This transition allowed me to merge my passion for health, a choice I’ve pondered since my university days when I had to decide between Medicine and IT. Finally, I found myself immersed in a field I truly loved. Embracing this newfound direction, I decided to remain in the healthcare sector, leveraging my expertise in IT and Marketing. This led to the creation of my IT company, Teck Geek Ltd, and the development of various affiliate websites. In mid-2023, a transformative partnership emerged as I joined forces with Christine Cullis, Director of the Lumifil Dermal Fillers, and Alexandra Cutler from Dr. Wellness. Together, we embarked on a mission to revolutionize the medical landscape through the innovative platforms Aesthetiverse and Clinicnearme.

C-B: What were your visions in childhood/adolescence, and what are they now?

Gabriela Brewer: Hailing from Romania, my childhood and adolescent dreams always centered around the idea of living in a Western country and becoming a prosperous businesswoman. Today, my vision has evolved into a desire to reside in a tranquil coastal setting while continuing to thrive as an entrepreneur, managing businesses that offer flexibility and can be operated from anywhere across the globe. Additionally, I aspire to explore creative outlets like writing a book and sharing my knowledge through teaching and mentorship in the future.

C-B: What are the life and business principles you adhere to, and what is their explanation?

Gabriela Brewer: My primary life principle revolves around fairness and integrity, values I extend to my business practices. I firmly believe in the concept of karma, striving to promote positivity and contribute to a better world. Achieving success through dishonesty or deceit is something that would never bring me happiness, making honesty and fairness my top priorities. In my business endeavors, I place a strong emphasis on continuous learning, recognizing its essential role in staying current and adapting seamlessly to the ever-evolving landscape. My passion for innovation drives me to infuse creativity into everything I undertake. Sustainability is a guiding principle that permeates both my personal and professional life. It encompasses a commitment to environmental responsibility, social consciousness, and ethical business practices. This principle aligns with the pursuit of long-term success and the well-being of our planet and communities. Adaptability is another vital aspect of my approach, acknowledging the necessity to navigate swiftly in our fast-paced world. Flexibility and adaptability equip me with the tools to effectively respond to new challenges and seize emerging opportunities. Furthermore, I firmly believe in a customer-centric approach, emphasizing that a business’s foundation is laid with its very first client. Prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of customers is paramount in my business philosophy. By placing customers at the forefront, I aim to provide value, foster loyalty, and cultivate enduring relationships, recognizing that contented customers often become loyal advocates.

C-B: How have the pandemic, economic crises, and wars influenced/influence your business?

Gabriela Brewer: The pandemic catalyzed my business. The experience of establishing a clinic during this challenging period proved to be a remarkable exercise in entrepreneurship. Building the clinic from the ground up, including designing the website, devising marketing strategies and campaigns, optimizing for search engines, and spearheading business development, was a testament to resilience and adaptability. As for the current economic crises and wars, their influence on my business remains limited. This is because my approach to business has always revolved around problem-solving rather than merely providing products or services. By focusing on solving a problem, my business has been able to maintain its stability and resilience in the face of external challenges.

C-B: Share some amusing situations from your business activities!

Gabriela Brewer: I’ve long been an admirer and follower of Jimmy Carr, and as the pandemic was winding down and restrictions were lifting, I had the incredible opportunity to organize the nursing and COVID testing arrangements for one of his gatherings with all ITV and BBC crowd. Meeting Jimmy in person was an absolute delight, and we shared some genuinely humorous moments. Interestingly, one of the nurses accidentally left half of her kit, including her shoes and white robe, at the venue at the end of the night, adding an unexpected comedic twist to the evening.

C-B: You’re face-to-face with a potential client or partner. What is the sentence that convinces them?

Gabriela Brewer: Many of my clients prefer face-to-face interactions to find conviction, where I provide them with in-depth knowledge and compelling responses. Demonstrating tangible results is key in persuasion, and during such encounters, I often share success stories, showcasing the concrete value I’ve delivered to previous clients.

C-B: What advice/tips do you have for those just starting out or undecided?

Gabriela Brewer: When it comes to embarking on a business journey, I recommend actively seeking a niche market or a product/service that genuinely solves a problem or need. Regardless of the chosen path, dive in with enthusiasm, explore different perspectives, and diligently carry out daily tasks and responsibilities related to your venture. Persistence is key, even during moments when it might seem like progress is slow. Every effort contributes to your growth, and results, though they may take time, will inevitably materialize. Stay committed and keep pushing forward!

C-B: What are your perceptions of society and its evolution?

Gabriela Brewer: My perceptions of society and its evolution are shaped by the dynamic interplay of various factors such as technological advancements, globalization, environmental concerns, economic trends, and cultural and political changes. In essence, society is continually evolving. As we navigate these changes, it is essential to remain adaptable, open-minded, and engaged in shaping a future that reflects our collective aspirations for a better world



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